permaculture blitz

Work Party: Tent Platforms

Join us for a fun weekend of building tent platforms on the farm for our students and guests to use. We’ll use materials taken from the waste stream and purchased locally to make several tent platforms of various sizes. These offer a great off-the-ground spot for folks to pitch their tents or yurts while they’re[…]

Work Party: Barn Razing

You read that right – Barn Razing. The 1980s cattle barn here on the farm has been dying by inches since before we bought the place in 2011. It has finally come to a point where it must come down for safety. We’ll be hiring a man lift for the weekend to dismantle the front[…]

Work Party: Market Garden Rehab

Covid really hit our farm business hard. Lost our customers, lost our workforce. We’re rebuilding this year and need some help getting on top of the abysmal condition of our market garden so that we can prepare to use it again this season for quick-growing crops (or cover crops) and plan more permanent crops for[…]

Work Party: Solar Dryer

There is nothing quite as nice as laundry dried in the sun and fresh air. It’s also a whole lot more environmentally friendly and economical given the steep rise in electricity. Come and help us put up a large solar dryer (aka washing line) on our farm. I mean, it’s YUGE. We’re going to make[…]

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