permaculture design course

Autumn PDC

This Permaculture Design Course is ideal for folks who aren’t able to get to our Summer Intensive. This is the perfect opportunity for farmers to take this Permaculture Design Course. It’s designed as a night course for one full month. Classes meet Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm to 9pm. There will be a two-day on-farm practicum, and[…]

Spring PDC

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning about sustainable living and creating a more self-sufficient lifestyle. The course is open to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced gardeners. Over the course of four weeks in April, participants will learn the fundamentals of permaculture design, including the use of permaculture[…]

Summer Intensive PDC 2023

Come spend two weeks in the rolling hills of central Massachusetts this summer for a Permaculture Design course offered in the traditional two-week intensive format. 72 hours of theory, further enhanced with hands-on practicum on our 300 acre permaculture farm site. Optional two week intensive add-on. We will use a variety of texts, including Bill Mollison’s Permaculture[…]

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